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Frequently Asked Questions

We use coconut wax because it is obtained through a natural process. It burns much slower than any other wax and has a strong scent throw. Which means your candles will last way longer !

NO.. it is not. A lot of people tote that soy is the purest but there is no such thing as NON- GMO soy wax. It comes from the soybean which contains pesticides and fertilizer additives .

Each candle is hand poured from coconut wax with your scent choice. Candle wax needs to CURE ( let the FO & wax blend ) for several days before we can ship them to you .

 2 oz Approximately 10-15 hours
4 oz 20-25
6 oz 30-35
8 oz 40-45
12 oz 85-90

YES ! We will do our best to make this candle YOURs… please email or call your color request . There is a $5 upcharge for this

We do not accept returns nor offer refunds . These candles are hand made and customized to your choice so please make sure you read the scent description prior to purchase.
As we all know there are exceptions to every rule.. so if you email us with a BIG MAJOR problem we will be more than happy to try and work out something with you.

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