Blue Swirl Tealight Holder Set


Tealight Vessel (Tealights NOT INCLUDED)

If you are looking for a Tin or Jar candle don’t continue reading.  Each Candle by Willy G vessel is handcrafted using cement and filled with Coconut wax. We swirl the colors as we pour which makes each vessel completely unique. This picture is to give you a reference of what a Swirl vessel looks like.  It is always a SURPRISE to see the finished vessel.  We can’t tell the pigment & cement how to mix together because they have minds of their own which makes for an absolutely 1 of a kind vessel.

If you want the Blah and boring candles Walmart has tons of them.

Other colors are available for a $5 upcharge!  Please call me at 239-312-3085 to find out more.


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These hand-poured candles come in small, handcrafted concrete vessels. Once the candles have been thoroughly enjoyed, the small vessels can be used as planters, loose change bowl, snack bowl, or whatever your heart desires!

Please note we only do our shipping Monday-Wednesday.  We try and avoid them sitting in trucks or warehouses over the weekend. Candles melt quickly especially this time of year. Please pay attention to your tracking number so the box will not be left sitting outside on the porch. We can not be responsible for candles that melt.

Our candles are hand-poured and made with 100% coconut wax. We use only the highest quality of wax and fragrances. Each dough bowl is hand carved. Some may have knots, color variations, small saw marks, and/or irregularities. These only add to the beauty and uniqueness of each bowl.

Due to the nature of the candle products all sales are final. We will do our best to work with you to help find a solution to any problem you may have. Contact us at

Holiday Scents:  Available NOW thru Decemember 

Autumn Spice : Cinnamon, Clove, Apple

Hot Toddy :   Caramel, Rum, Vanilla

Mountain Grove  : Greens, Herbs, Spruce , Pine

Sleigh Me : Apple, Pine, Cinnamon, Holly

The Gift : Musk, Amber & Myrrh

Fleece : Mahogany, Bergamot , Soft Musk

Yesteryear : Pine, Rum, Floral


Chillaxing : French Lavender flowers

Cabana Boy : Sweet Pineapple , Coconut

Zinger : Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Lemon

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 5.1 × 6.75 in
Vessel Description


Vessel Shape


Tea Candle Holder Scents

Autumn Spice : Cinnamon, Clove, Apple, Cabana Boy : Sweet Pineapple , Coconut, Chillaxing : French Lavender flowers, Fleece : Mahogany, Bergamot , Soft Musk, Hot Toddy : Caramel, Rum, Vanilla, Mountain Grove : Greens, Herbs, Spruce , Pine, NO Candles, Sleigh Me : Apple, Pine, Cinnamon, Holly, The Gift : Musk, Amber & Myrrh, Yesteryear : Pine, Rum, Floral, Zinger : Sweet Orange, Cedarwood, Lemon